Project objectives

The IBIS Styles hotel is a project designed by Arch. Santa Contarino in Acireale, and envisaged the construction of a hotel structure with 68 rooms divided between the hotel and motel areas for short stays. The buildings that compose it are characterised by broken lines, contrasting coloured façades and predominantly longitudinal development. The traditional hotel here is flanked by the motel function, atypical on regional soil, located in the northern area of the lot where the space in front of the independent room is the reserved parking area. They are located between an important road communication artery, leading to Acireale, and the coastline.
Our engineering office together with our construction company managed the structural executive design, Safety Coordination, the construction design in BIM (i.e. the final engineering for the construction) as well as the building site and the construction of the project.

The road section of Via Madonna delle Grazie

In the following years we worked on the design and implementation of the improvement of the road system in front of the hotel, through the widening of the road, the urbanisation works and street furniture and the construction of the exit (or diversion) lane necessary to ensure direct access to the Hotel Domani directly from the SS114.

Object of intervention

Design and construction of accommodation complex

Performances– Stancanelli Russo Associati

Safety coordination
Structural executive design
Construction design

Performances – Impresa Ernesto Stancanelli srl

Construction site set-up


Hotel Domani S.r.l.


2008 – 2009

Design technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM)