Since the late 1950s, we have dedicated ourselves to the design and construction of large public and private projects, through the integrated work of our engineering and architecture studio and our construction company. Our experience has developed particularly in the field of construction within health-care settings, tourist accommodation and sports venues.

Efficiency and quality

We guarantee the use of innovative design tools, on-time delivery and certified quality standards.

Client-oriented services

With respect for our clients’ interests and investment, we work to ensure a turnkey and tailor-made service.

Teamwork and flexibility

Our achievements are accomplished thanks to our internal flexibility as well as the continuous interplay between the different cornerstones of our group – engineering, architecture and business.

Style innovation

We seek innovation in both the design and construction phases of our project, and have been using cutting-edge technologies, such as BIM, for years.

Our values

Operating in a serious, clear, and recognisable manner our company reflects the style and personality of our founder, engineer Ernesto Stancanelli. We believe in teamwork and always operate with the future in mind, focusing on and developing young professionals and nurturing a strong spirit of innovation (through the use of the latest technology, materials and techniques) guaranteeing the utmost care for every client project..

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Traditional building and restoration: Stancanelli D&C’s project and implementation of a historic building in Via Crociferi

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To intervene on a site of great value, with a strong architectural identity, combining respect for its historical relevance with the implementation of innovative safety and energy efficiency measures: it is with this objective in mind that we tackled the restoration of an eighteenth-nineteenth century palace in Via Crociferi, one of the oldest streets in Catania's old town, now a…


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If in our territory protection from possible seismic events is a substantial need and not just a formal requirement for defining the real level of safety of each building and the people who live in it, this is never truer than if we are talking about a school. The fragility of the Italian school building system is well known, and…

A new yard for innovation STMicroelectronics: how Stancanelli participates in the future

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A glimpse of the future while keeping your feet on the ground. Because even the most innovative ideas are incubated in a "building site". In this case the ideas are those of STMicroelectronics, a global leader in semiconductors with customers in all areas of electronics applications. The construction of the M12 building, a 600 m2 facility where components for the…

Caserta hospital’s new Pavilion G: an nZEB building designed by Stancanelli Russo Associati

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This time we start with etymology... The acronym nZEB stands for Nearly Zero Energy Building and is used to indicate a building with Nearly Zero Energy, i.e.  High energy efficiency, whose operation requires "very low or almost zero energy requirements, covered to a significant extent by energy from renewable sources". This European directive, containing this European standard, was transposed and…