A little about us and the future that awaits us.
A future to design and build, of course. Also because these are the two words, more precisely the two actions, that characterise our work.
Building on the actions of  the engineer who established the foundations, Ernesto Stancanelli by the mid-1950s, we, for three generations, have been designing and constructing public infrastructures and large-scale projects largely in the fields of healthcare, tourist accommodation and sports venues.


We design and build – because for us those two words, those two ideas, can only function in the long term if they continuously and indispensably meet.

And this is especially evident now that our office – (led by our four founding partners) – is also physically structured to provide space for the technique, knowledge, solutions and creativity of 15 technicians including engineers, architects and surveyors, specialist in the disciplines of architectural design, restoration and conservation, structural design, systems, safety, construction and implementation, and post-construction management of production activities.
Two guidelines and a single objective, therefore: to continue to be synonymous with solidity, reliability and efficiency.


Since our establishment, thanks most of all to the ethical heritage and moral legacy left by the Engineer Ernesto Stancanelli, the pleasure of a job well done and respect for delivery times have been the keys to our daily work. Today and in the future, the design and construction of  turnkey buildings and works will continue to be our daily objectives, which will be achieve by drawing on our experience and using the latest materials, techniques, solutions and technologies.
In our group, which is also made up of young professionals with great prospects, flexibility is not a fashionable term, but rather an asset of great significance, because for us it means benefiting from the fluidity of the relationships, the comparison and exchange of knowledge, opinions and solutions between the technical engineering department and the architectural office. And it is from the internal flexibility and the continuous exchange between these two souls of the group that the most significant projects of Studio Stancanelli Russo Associati and the most important achievements of Impresa Ernesto Stancanelli are achieved.


To underline the importance of this twofold foundation, making the most of these last few months, which have been marked by the difficulties and turbulence of the coronavirus, we have undertaken the serious act of rethinking and rebuilding our image and our way of communicating. We worked on our new logo, this new website and a new social approach, one that is open and communicative.

Regarding the logo: it is most profoundly in this new corporate symbol that one of the key strengths of our company is represented:  the presence of a “Design and Architecture” department and a  “Construction and Completion” department. Two independent souls, with diverse outlooks, yet with the capacity to work in unison so as to offer both private and public clients a complete service that is moulded to different needs.
Looking at the logo, this characteristic has been graphically expressed by composing an architectural plan with a contemporary flavour by two lines of different boldness: the bolder and “more solid” one, which is at the base (at the foundations) represents the soul of “construction”; the more attenuate refers instead to the creative and architectural soul projected towards innovation. The two lines touch, but do not overlap: because without crossing spaces but simply sharing, the two souls give shape and material consistency to our work, forming what will be the signature of our future works.
The two lines are also based on the basic shape of the rectangle, a primitive geometric figure (the plane) which is at the basis of everything: of the design plans and the idea of building and constructing with very clear, decisive sections and diagonals.


Starting from today, and from these online pages, we hope to construct an on-going dialogue with customers and clients.

As one more way of letting people know what we have designed and built over the years and how we conceive our work. A digital corner where we can tell you how much we care about the interests of our clients and how important it is for us to build up partner relationships and trust with our clients. Finally, a place to describe how technological innovation, in the office and on the construction site, has always been the driving force behind our actions.
Guided by a profound pioneering spirit, for 20 years we have been designing and constructing low-impact, seismically isolated buildings and major works, choosing cutting-edge design technologies such as BIM, a guarantee and tool for engineering efficiency.